For this week the chapters focused on diversity and problem solving. For chapter 3, I believe the things that informed me the most were the sections of how the diversity of marketing can cause risks and harmful costs. In addition the examples of diversity showed me how diverse UMW is and the The tactics that effective managers use to achieve appropriate diversity allowed me to look me to look at my experiences within my work environment and see how well my own management teams use the tactics, if any. One topic I took away from previous readings and noticed in this reading as well was the diversity of opinion which is a strong diversity factor you will never get away from. The inclusion of opinion diversity with this chapter and previous reading allows you to understand how one’s view and opinion of others, specifically ethnocentrism, is incredibly harmful but more prominent than one may think. Although I do not want to start a debate and I am in no way shape or form saying women are the only group who experience problems with diversity, I do like how the chapter spoke of diversity and believe the effective tactics allow for everyone to be comfortable.

With chapter 4 that I really liked was that it makes it clear there is not exact format to handle a problem. Much like everyone in the world, problems are diverse and although there are ways you can assist in decision making and problem solving, it all depends on the situation. I appreciate the book made that clear in my opinion because with the business field, you worry that the people entering the work force and becoming managers are robots who simply follow a simple, bland system to solve problems but this reading does not teach that. Although there are steps to follow and a said “system” to help identify and reach solutions, it all depends on the situation and person involved which helps those steps flow.

For the concept of giving feedback, I felt the previous book of Carnegie’s helped the most with how it is you should give feedback. Although the book was the most helpful I felt the relation to the book and the explanation further into what Carnegie was saying was very helpful and insightful. I also liked the added suggestion of allowing the other person to give feedback of their own at the same time, with the pause. This is what helped me carry over into giving feedback because although it seems like a defensive tactic, everyone does it. Allowing the person to give feedback while receiving I believe softens the blow as well. I always knew you should ask questions but the addition of  a follow up as well I believe helps more because sometimes you don’t really know what to ask so the attempted correction for the feedback and additional feedback allows better understanding.

Case: Lean in was interesting to me. As I slightly highlighted early about women feeling the force of diversity, this case wasn’t too surprising at the ideas. I have also read a bit of the book written by Sandberg, however I have not finished and I don’t believe I will. However I do agree with the ideas and suggestions within the book. Although the idea of everyone working together to allow the work place to be equal for everyone, I do not see it happening anytime soon or believe it ever truly will. Especially with the concept of ethnocentrism as I stated early.

In addition to this class and my many others, I am taking a project management class that at the exact moment is going over risk management. In all, if there had been a risk management plan implemented or even a draft thought over, this could have been avoided. It isn’t necessarily the job of target to plan for every product specifically, they should have an over all plan for products when situations like this arise.

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