My thoughts on the introduction videos

Overall, the videos were great. There were a few that stood out to me the most. To start off I want to take a moment and thank Andrew Schmiedel for his courage and service. Carrying on to Sekai Walker, we both love the same sushi! Honestly might go get some sushi for dinner now that you have it on my mind. Out of curiosity, what made you want to go into the field of pharmaceutical sales? I know many biology majors and such but I don’t think any of them have specified that was the direction they want to go. Next, Phillip Nguyen. We are both in the same boat for choosing a career for money with the influence of family path as well. Lastly I wanted to say “Hi” again to Davis King who i briefly met through a never ending email chain that kept me up many hours of the night from the interesting comments and emails sent out.

Thank you
Sydney Michael

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