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Last week I mentioned how I was starting to implement the lessons I learned from the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Last week as soon as I had implemented it I had noticed personally that my experiences at work were improving. My personal attitude towards work and towards customers was far better and I started to enjoy work again. Although this did not offer the all around fix however my attitude was adjusted and it was very beneficial. I mentioned that I liked to think that I was already cheerful within my relationship but I still tried to smile more and to my surprise, it had an interesting fact. Although a good effect and my boyfriend did notice, he questioned if m sudden excited and overly cheerful and welcoming attitude was due to the fact that Valentines Day was right around the corner. Amused but also slightly upset I explained as did the man in the book and said that this is how  I plan to greet him everyday and that I plan to be more inviting. In my relationship it has not had an extreme effect. I feel less stressed out about the simple things that most common stress someone out in a relationship such as the rash not being taken out or him over sleeping and always being late but I feel that it has to do with  the fact that I am trying not to insult and condemn him for the things he does not do as regularly as I would like but in stead I take a moment to still be warm and inviting and then complement him on the things he did do or the things he had accomplished and then casually mention the things that were no done or I let him mention it. I’ve noticed that when he is complemented on the things I appreciate him doing without him asking he suddenly remembers the things he did not do. Lastly, within my family, I did not get the opportunity to implement the smiling more idea but I did focus a lo on my tone and how I presented myself in conversations. I have a very different family situation than most so the presentation of tone goes a long way. Although it was not noticed and conversations did not go well every conversation, personally I felt lighter and less tense after conversations and am actually looking forward to a family dinner for my upcoming birthday.

In all I plan to keep it up and continue to smile more and focus less on the negative. Even if it doesn’t change any persons perception of me, I will at least feel better and that’s the main focus.

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