Chapters 8/9

Chapter 8: Managing Teamwork

In terms of chapter 8, I found many things I could relate to with the concept of group work. To start off, the Global virtual teams stood out to me seeing as how the Eagles group meetings are mostly held through a virtual meeting place. Although we are not across the world by any means, we are separated by a few counties and are all in different places every single time. This introduction and availability of virtual meetings have completely revolutionized group collaboration and work completion. Although the global virtual teams was something we could relate to, I found our group unable to relate to the group size theory that groups of 5 or below tend to group off and pair off. Although this might be different for our group since we did start out with 6 members I feel for the most part, we are all equally grouped with little to no separate grouping and or pairing for work completion. In addition to the inability to relate, an additional comment stating “the larger the size of the group, the more formal or autocratic the leadership needs to be”. I believe that I have been far less formal in my presentation of leadership since the beginning. I don’t agree with the idea of formal leadership with groups of individuals our ages. The age variation is not dramatic between group members however,  it is seen that there are other individuals who are older or offer more experience than I do for leadership. Although I am not saying that I am unqualified for the position, I simply feel that a more relaxed and understanding leadership goes farther than an autocratic style with peers.

Continuing on in chapter 8, I found a positive relation to the group with the relation to self interest roles. Among the group, we consecutively feel there has not been, nor will there be, an overly selfish individual or someone who is not interested in the outcome of the group far over their own outcome.


Chapter 9: Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is frequently seen as solely focused on harassment and inter-organizational relationships. I can even positively say that I am guilty of just that thought. I never took the time to truly think of all the possible things the Human Resource Department does for the company. After reading the chapter I was not only surprised but felt almost guilty for the lack of acknowledgement the Human Resource Department receives. For specifics, I never took the time to think of who does the hiring in the company. So far, I have never had an overly professional job. When you’re young and working your first job, roller skating burgers and milkshakes to customers, you don’t take the time to even consider how the organization runs. As you grow older and you expand your resume with similar but varying jobs, mixing ice cream and singing for tips, you start to consider the idea of more; either more fulfillment or more money, simply put as more. Luckily you have an uncle who has a job opening making more money than you have ever made all while opening doors to a completely new field of work; work that could possibly lead into a career (receptionist at a car dealership). Now you’ve been at the job for few years, you have more responsibility, you’re completing a second college degree and you’ve even received a raise. You have worked for your “more”. But did you take the time to think of where this “more” came from? No. Plain and simple, no. However all of those things you gained and work toward were passed down form management and human resources. Your consideration for the promotion and raise, although initiated through your discussion with management, they were processed and implemented through Human Resources.

Following on into the last section of the chapter, the mentioning of networking reminded me of a very important suggestion I received from a guest speaker on campus this previous week. Whenever you g anywhere, an even or work function or even a simple meeting, set a goal for a minimum number of new hands you want to shake. No matter what, get your name out there. It always pays to know people considering knowing people is how you were hired into the career opening job. Even if you’re a nervous person and have anxiety, shake two hands and leave. At least you put your name out there.

Finishing up I have added my one minute self-sell:

Hello, my name is Sydney Michael. I am currently a junior at the University of Mary Washington on track to graduate in the spring of 2019 with a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a management focus. I have completed an internship within my place of business, Radley Automotive Group and will be seeking a job within a Not for Profit business; either assisting retired veterans, rescuing animals or working with homeless/abused families. Do you possibly have any suggestions on how to introduce myself into that field of work?

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