Chapters 1-2

Although this week we only addressed chapters 1 and 2 i found these chapters extremely education. Taking into consideration that I have a few jobs and my main job is considered a desk job, these few chapters have really shown me how truly lazy my middle management managers are. I have experience and still do almost everyday, the General manager of my company does more than those of my middle managers who these jobs and tasks should be delegated to. Although I am sure there are first line managers where I work, I am having a hard time identifying them since the middle management section does not fully do the responsibilities that are generally left to them. One thing outside of my current employment that i found helpful was the discussion of project managers. I am in addition to taking this class, I am enrolled and participating in the Project Management class and to be completely honest, the professor is not very direct with what is is a project manager does. Although it was a small section, I appreciated that there was still an explanation of what and how a project manager is included in management with the company. In addition for personal appreciation, I liked the comparison of Non-profit organizations and Entrepreneur organizations and how they are managed and staffed. I plan to further my career in a nonprofit organization after graduation and it was allowed insight  on what my future career could include. I understand that is the basic idea of what the class will do but I just personally learned a great deal specifically from that section. The biggest takeaway from chapter 2 was a concept and idea  of ethics I already know that I don’t exactly follow as I should. I personally always want to see the best in everyone and try to do everything possible to assist anyone and everyone. Personally I believe that to be  good sense of ethics but some might say that it is not the way you should do business.


For self assessments and skill builders (chapter 1)

I was surprised to find that I prefer a participative  management style.

One specific skill builder asks you to recall your best supervisor you’ve had and the worst supervisor. I can confidently say the supervisor I am currently employed under is by far the worst supervisor I have ever had and my beginning supervisor from my very first job was the best. As I have previously stated, my current supervisor is lazy and is considered a middle management supervisor where if needed she should step down and assist to which she does not do. The best supervisor I had would always do everything needed to make sure the work was getting done properly and efficiently as well as in a positive environment. In retrospect, that manager did leave the company to open his own business and I believe his business is still to this day thriving to no surprise.

Chapter 2:

As I said previously in this post, I try to do anything and everything to see the good in people and to help others and those in my organization do not follow these beliefs and say as well that they will not get me far in the business industry. Throughout these questions in the skill builders I learned my company does not stress or really teach the concept of ethics. It is extremely sad to think that and in addition to the reading I went through the booklets that teach the people in my position in training for the first days of the job and there is nothing there about ethics or even the concept of basics or morals or principles in behavior. Although most probably believe it is common sense but in today’s society I find ethics to be lacking and poorly motivated so I do not agree with that idea.


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