Chapter 5

UMW Mission Statement:

The mission statement is the school’s reflection of their own personal SWOT by stating what is is they strive in but also what their weaknesses are. To specify, the college strives and accomplishes the concept of creating life long learners. For my specific field of study, I know multiple alumni who have prospered from this college and still to this day complement and claim that the college is the key factor that assisted in their achievements. However, another key factor focused on in the mission statement is the claim of  diverse campus. I attend more than one college in addition to maintaining multiple jobs so I may not be on campus enough to truly experience the diversity that is claimed. The concept of diversity and striving to attain said diversity I strongly believe to be an amazing goal to strive for. All together, the mission statement is something the college stands by and strives for so the concept of diversity being a main goal within the mission statement is  strong factor.

Personal SWOT:

Strengths: I believe I am a strong team leader, I work well with others, I am motivated, I manage my time well and I do everything possible to not only achieve the goal but to help others achieve their goals along the way

Weaknesses: Although I work well with others, I can come off harsh with my rough tone while speaking as well as sometimes having  short fuse when equal efforts are not shared within a group. I also believe that my strength of trying to help anyone and everyone can also be  weakness when losing sight of my own personal goal for the other individuals goals. Although I manage my own time well and to my own pace, I sometimes move too fast when working with others.

Opportunities: Working multiple and diverse jobs can open doors to worldly opportunities such as jobs over seas or even better education opportunities, current and previous employers can introduce you to other employers much like other professors you work and learn under can introduce you to better colleges you might want to expand your education through.

Threats: Managing multiple jobs can negatively influence time management for class work and assignment requirements, although education will help you in the long run for furthering your career, losing experience time while in school can prolong the attempts for a career while in retrospect, working too much can hinder the quality of the education.

Chapter 5: The focus of chapter 5 ties into our personal SWOT as well as the UMW reflection of the mission statement. With chapter 5 focusing on goals and the paths used to achieve these goals, the inclusion of the SWOT allowed us to take some similar steps in identifying our goals in addition to what things might get in the way. Although in  separate reading being done of the book Blink! the author states that a decision made without thoroughly thinking the decision out is usually a better decision made, for a company that is not always the case. The use of SWOT and many specific identifiers similar to a SWOT allows the company to identify the best fitting outcomes and choices for the company.

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