Carnegie Final Thoughts

To finalize my thoughts on this book I wanted to address a few key questions. To start off, Why was this book assigned?

When thinking of the content and purpose of the book I believe this book was assigned to highlight two different sides of a professional encounter and the appropriate manner to handle each situation. On one end you are introduced to what it is like to be the individual to which is trying to obtain something that will personally benefit yourself. On this perspective you are taught the appropriate manners and how to in a way “get what you want” without making the other individual feel as though they have lost out as well as having them feel benefited and important. Although the book focuses on basic tactics and regularly taught maneuvers, the author allowed a deeper understanding as well as examples on the difference between cheap flattery and true appreciation. This insight i believe is important to be introduced to us as early as possible, such as now in a college course, before we have to encounter many years of wrongdoing such as many examples given in the book.

The second perspective introduced is not the same in the way that you are trying to obtain something but more focused on how you make the other person feel. Personally I didn’t not think correcting someone was all that harmful. I believed it would help the person out more in the long run where when they spoke of the corrected topic again it would be right this time but the author highlighted how it might make someone feel inferior or just give a negative connotation that is not needed and could carry on to be harmful down the line.

Lastly to address the question of “how will this book impact you moving forward?”. I have already started to implement the key aspects of the book in my professional encounters at work. Although I have not been doing so long enough to record true outcomes, personally I have noticed my mood when leaving work has been lighter. I have not left work feeling overly stressed and I also have not felt as troubled by customers as I seemed to feel before. I have not mentioned or noticed a difference in my encounters with my significant other but I like to think that I already come off as warm and welcoming. But in the long run, I do plan to keep up the honest appreciation encounters with customers and engage in more active conversation. I need to pay more attention when smiling at coworkers and customers as well because I still notice myself giving an automatic smile that doesn’t have a long of honesty or kindness behind it but more of just a usual response. Lastly I do want to carry these traits over into my family life when interacting with parents and step siblings. I hope for it to improve my relationships with family.

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