Working Mothers

Okay, I am already angered and confused. I know I have some bias on the subject because I am a woman and I fully intend to be working in the field of my degree. When I say working in my degree field I mean running a business or being your boss. I have goals and do not see at all how working mothers could be bad for society. Are working fathers bad for society? There are plenty of single fathers around working. Where’s the survey for that?

Further on there is mention of daughters of working women are more likely to achieve said goals I previously mentioned and that right there supports the evidence. My mother did have the assistance (limited…very limited) of my father when they divorced however my father left and married my mothers best friend and had a family. He was around but not much and never financially. My mother has always done what she could for my brother and I. I remember when my mother lost her job because the medical practice closed and I went with her to apply for unemployment because finding a job was so hard when you had worked at only one place your entire career. I can honestly say she is my motivation to achieve all of my goals and more. I work four jobs and and a full time student. I live on my own and rescue sick dogs. Now I’m not tooting my own horn but I do recognize how much work it really is.

The whole thought that kids will do better if the mothers stay home is the exact opposite. Of course every child in a different little “snowflake” (yeah yeah) but in my case, when my mother was home for the long amount of time due to unemployment it was miserable. She got in the way of me being self sufficient and honestly she was annoying. That’s only with one parent in the home too. If women stayed home with their kids and they had a father that cared they would probably be annoyed out of their minds.

In the end I do agree with Ms. Gerson who mentioned the right choice is the one that works best for the family.

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