The Essential Leadership Lesson From MLK

Starting off with the initial reading I enjoyed that the author had more quotes than just from Mr. King. If you want a generalized concept to be accepted having different points of view and voices supporting it is the way to go. One of my favorite things off the top is the use of the word “choice” when explaining empathy. Many people mistake and misunderstand empathy; some even see it as a weakness in the business world. With that being said I believe it is helpful and possibly also damaging to the lesson by mentioning the 4 specific attributes of empathy. I think over all the 4 attributes are helpful with establishing empathy or at least introducing the concept into your everyday life but I feel it is limiting and should not be held to the only concepts to take into account when considering the other perspective.

Continuing on to the remark that Mr. King had many conversations with his followers and I think greater attention needs to be brought to this very simple act. Our governing officials today are supposed to make decisions in the name of the people and for the people. It has always been “said” to be that way. Large emphasis on the “said” part because even before Mr. King was enacting a basic human instinct to listen the governing officials of that time were still doing the exact opposite. It’s crazy how much weight is out behind such easy and simple tasks.

To wrap up, readers must keep in mind the fundamental attribution error and not always assume the situation is harder in the other persons shoes. The grass is not always greener and skies are not always bluer however that does not mean that they can’t be. One should always keep in mind the factors that matter to the other individual but don’t give excuses if there isn’t a real need for it.

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