Telling A Compelling Story

“Duarte argues a successful presenter convinces the audience to believe in a new idea. To achieve this goal, the presenter must deliver a compelling story that paints the ordinary world of today and contrasts it with the special world of the future”

I love that this is mentioned. I face many struggles and peer complaints in a separate class on the way i present. Every single other student in the class chose to do all three of their required three presentations on books we were assigned to read and present to the class. I on the other hand chose to present my lessons as ted talks. I feel there is no weight behind a basic power point presentation anymore. Presenters are not required to learn the material as well if they can simply read it off a slide. There is little enthusiasm or story behind basic statistics presented on a possibly colorful slide read my an interested and possibly hung over college kid. If you want the lessons, the stories to flow and stick with people you must make it memorable. Even if your subject is on a topic as simple as how 2+2=4, if you’re interested in it and if you’re enthusiastic it will be a memorable and enlightening presentation.

I am very interested in purchasing and reading this book for the concept of the fill in blank arc of the story creator. Wish I had heard of that sooner!



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