How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Okay wow. Ted talks have come a far way technologically speaking…anyway!

I absolutely love the mention of “why?” and how it isn’t only profit. There are underlying motivators behind literally every single thing they do. In addition the explanation that people buy what you do and not what you do.

Greatest take away from this ted talk is his comment “the goal is not to do business with every body who needs what you have but to do business with people who believe what you believe” That is honestly the most amazing way I have ever heard behind the purpose and goal of what all aspects of business are about. Sames goes with the hiring process and how the employees will be devoted to the job rather than to the money. There is no loyalty to the job if that’s the case.

By doing things the way the speaker is suggestion, by starting with why and working your way out, you are directly talking to the part of the brain  that controls decision making. This is the key concept of marketing. Down to the basic concept of marketing is this.

I am most definitely with the 16% of lagers. Tech is not my strong suit at all!

Simons over all explanation of the innovators and early adapters put the whole video together for me. It makes sense now to see that I am a basic consumer and am part of the population that purchases blindly and is easily influenced by marketing. Although I do not understand the tech advances nor am I someone who purchases anything new let alone until someone else uses it. Lastly I was perplexed by the explanation of the people who stand out in lines for hours on end for new products. I have never done so nor will I ever and I understand now that aside from it being something cool and new and shiny it is more of an understanding basis. Like when the company is marketing the product and they list things like pixels in the new camera or such, to the innovators and early adapters, they understand what that means and want that for themselves. Some also want just the newest things.

Loved this one!


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