As a current student for the University of Mary Washington, I am utilizing this blog site to allow professors and possible future employers access to any work completed, grades, progress in completion of second degree with a major in Business Administration.

Some key information about me:

With the assistance of my business degree I plan to work in a business and industry that helps those in need. My true dream would be to work with animals or veterans who deserve the help to keep them going after sacrificing so much for our country. Although I do not have a direct path I wish to follow I know that no matter what I  do, I will be helping someone or something.

I currently hold one completed College degree for Germanna Community College to which is an Associates Degree in General studies.

I am currently working in finishing my Bachelors Degree from the University of Mary Washington. While taking extra classes through Germanna Community College at the same time to further my fluency in American Sign Language.

I hold a steady job with Radley Cadillac and Radley Chevrolet assisting in working the receptionist desk, handling money from service customers as well as down payments for insurance and vehicle purchases. I work daily in the customer service industry through interaction with customers to also handling customer servey responses from previous visits.

For a second job I am a child care provider where I “nanny” a child and have been for over one year now and plan to do so until my services are no longer needed.

The last bit I want to leave is a saying to which i firmly live by and support not just for myself but to which I keep in mind and will always do so with my plans or future careers. This was told to me by a college professor I do not personally know because I was at a seminar. He said ” All of you have a little bit of “I want to save the world” which is why you’re here in college. But what all of you need to understand, it is okay is you only save one person, and it is also okay if that person is you.”

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